Workshops and Lessons

Besides our love for performing, our mission is also to teach and spread the art and culture of Flamenco and the Spanish Guitar to as many as we can. We do so by means of lecture/demonstrations and also by private instruction.

Lecture/Performance Demos

Our lecture/demos are much more than performances! Guests will leave with a throughout understanding of the history of Flamenco and how its all put together. We’ll cover the three main elements of Flamenco which include the voice, guitar and dance. Guests will also have the opportunity to try a little Flamenco Dance and palmas if inspired to do so. This performance is typically booked by schools, senior centers, librarys, and cultural centers, but is open to anyone for booking.

Private Lessons

Lessons are aimed toward Flamenco and/or Spanish Classical Guitar students. All ages and levels are welcome. No experience is necessary. The student will learn the basic vocabulary and aesthetic style of Flamenco and Spanish Classical Guitar, develop an understanding of the most popular Flamenco forms, learn to recognize and play many of those forms, and further their technical proficiency within these styles of the guitar. Much of the technique will be built on exercises, etudes and through pieces adequate to the students level. Lessons are worked on through either reading music or tablature, and through an oral/visual teaching style. Learning to read music is optional.

Fees and Payment Methods

Private classes are normally held at a home-studio. For lessons in the students home, please contact David with your location as different rates will apply for house calls. Payments must be made per class session or can be paid for in full by monthly payments at the beginning of the month.

-$55/50 min lesson

Attendance and Tardiness

Please be on time. Any student that arrives late is not guaranteed their full lesson time and must still pay their lesson in full. Since lessons can be schedules back to back, there is not always time to re-adjust lesson times. In the event that you may be late, please call ahead so that the instructor may plan ahead.

If you can not attend your regular lesson, you expected to notify the instructor with at least 24 hours notice before your scheduled lesson date. If you fail to do so, you will be charged for your missed lesson.

Guitar Requirments

Students must have a nylon string Classical or Flamenco guitar. It’s highly recommended that the guitar have a tap plate so that you do not damage the top of the guitar through Flamenco tapping techniques.

Required Materials and Books

Metronome, Tuner, Recording device (smart phone, digital recorder, etc.)

I recommend that you do not buy any books until after the first session. However if you already have some type of instructional book, please bring it in to see if we can work with it.

 Chicago School of Musical Arts

On Location - After School Music Program

Musicality for the Modern Family

  • Convenience: Classes are offered in your schools, youth centers, places of worship and other safe family-oriented learning centers.

  • Community: We service communities based on their direct cultural, religious and economic needs in order to strengthen the families we serve. Music and arts have the power to unify communities and bring people together.  

  • Customizable: We work with your organization to create the programming that best serves your needs.

  • Local Artist-Teachers: Our teachers are renowned performers and passionate educators that live and work in your neighborhood.  They are committed to consistent student growth and excellence.

The central mission of the Chicago School of Musical Arts is to provide innovative, high quality and accessible music and arts programming to students of all ages in the Chicagoland area.

If your school doesn’t have any private music instruction, please inquire about this with us, or talk directly to your school rep.

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